Electro TMT Plus Bars



Electrotherm (India) Ltd. India’s largest manufacturer of Induction Melting Furnaces and a world class organization known for its excellence in Metallurgy. And thus the Bars represent the highest benchmark for Quality and Technique.

Raw Material

Electro TMT plus bars are made from billets that are manufactured in-house using 350 TPD sponge Iron Kilns, 20 T Induction Melting Furnaces and a 6/11 Continuous Caster. The larger heat size results in billets with better chemical consistency. The high quality Iron ore used for making the Sponge Iron results in lower Phosphorous levels while the very high proportion of the Sponge Iron in the charge mix ensures lower tramp elements in the billets. The Ladle Refining Furnace ensures homogeneous liquid metal, lower Sulphur levels and lower inclusion levels. The edge is indigenous and proven billets!

Strength - Mechanical Composition

Electro TMT plus bars possess an unbeatable combination of strength and ductility that is far superior as compared to the minimum values specified by IS: 1786 standards.

Superior Mechanical Properties
The mechanical properties are significantly superior to those specified in
IS: 1786, Fe 415 Grade.

Unit Required as per
IS: 1786, Fe 415
Electro TMT plus*
Ultimate Tensile
N/mm2 485 Min. 510 Min.
Yield Stress N/mm2 415 Min. 450 Min.
Elongation % 14.5 Min. 18 Min.

*Typical value for 90% of materials


The advanced 3-stage manufacturing process results in bars with a tough outer surface but a soft core that translates into excellent bendability. These bars can be bent around mandrels of small diameters – which is a great advantage at the construction sites.


A bar is as good as its bonding capabilities with concrete. Electro TMT plus bars are manufactured using superior cutting-edge machines that ensure consistent rib patterns and optimum rib depths. These machine crafted ribs facilitate superior bonding that is so vital for long-lasting structures.


With a Carbon content of 0.25% max, which is much lower than the IS: 1786 specifications, Electro TMT plus bars offer superior weldability as compared to cold twisted bars or other TMT bars. This superior weldability means these bars can be butt or lap-welded with ease and without any loss of strength at the welded joints.

Better Chemical Composition

Electro TMT plus assures better chemical composition as compared to those specified in IS: 1786, Fe 415 Grade.

Element Unit Required as per
IS: 1786, Fe 415
Electro TMT plus*
Carbon % 0.30 Max 0.25 Max
Carbon Equivalent
( C+Mn/6 )
% - 0.38 Max
Sulphur % 0.06 Max 0.05 Max
Phosphorous % 0.06 Max 0.06 Max
S & P % 0.11 Max 0.11 Max

*Typical value for 90% of materials

Cost Savings

Steel bars are bought in kilos and tonnes but their usage is in terms of meters. Electro TMT plus bars have a ‘Higher meterage per unit weight’ which results in tremendous cost savings.

Customer Service

With an extensive network of dealers and distributors that are known for their prompt deliveries and efficient after-sales service, Electro TMT plus bars can be shipped to any site in surprisingly shorter time frames.